Making the toilets

Visualizza questo post su Instagram Sneak a peek of the Mosan production. Exciting things are in the making. Our Toilets are produced by vacuum-forming durable PE plastics. Toilets are an important part of our comprehensive sanitation system. They need to be user-friendly, functional, durable, easy to clean, aspirational, and mobile. We believe that a toilet […]

Toilet making part 2

The following days we were testing the material and optimizing some details. The final prototypes are made of 6mm polyethylene in natural white. Other colors are more expensive and are only feasible in bigger quantities. To avoid the transparent look we are currently working on a logo and a sticker plot for the outside of […]

Toilet making 1

First day of deep-drawing (vacuum forming) After the molds were milled we chose different materials and tested the stability and quality. We made samples from ABS plastics, polystyrene (PS) and polyethylene (PE). PE made the best results and has the best properties for our purpose. It is long lasting and very stable in hot climates with high UV-radiation. […]

New MoSan plans and prototyping options

Hello everyone! First of all, sorry this blog was sleeping for a while. After a phase of planning, researching and redesigning, new MoSan prototypes are in production in Germany right now. From our experience in Bangladesh it is quite complicated to deal with the prototyping and the pilot preparation at the destination. Therefore we decided […]

Kenya Prototype part 1

Photo Session Luckily we still have one prototype in Germany. So I got the chance to make some studio photographs…

Kenya Prototype part 2

Improved results end of the week Dear everyone, here is one example about the improvement of prototyping results during our one week at the workshop in Dhaka, Bangladesh The upper surface of the lid is almost perfect. The jute was applied evenly and sticked to the mold. Almost no air bubbles appeared. Unfortunately the inner […]

Kenya Prototype part 3

Cutting the edges of the dried toilet seat and the results   The results are not satisfying yet. How the jute cuttings are applied doesn’t match the design demands. There shouldn’t be a gap between the several jute layers and the surface should be closed. Especially the urine funnel should have a closed and perfect […]

Kenya Prototype part 4

  Trial and Error in Dhaka February 2012   Finally i have the time to tell you about the prototyping process in Dhaka. As i menioned in my previous post, the arrival of the molds had a delay of 4 weeks. When we planned my stay in Bangladesh the goal was to have a small […]

Prototyping in Dhaka

Prototyping in Dhaka started This week the “trial and error” phase of prototyping started. After a long journey (3 weeks) the molds arrived at the workshop. I was supposed to stay just 3 weeks, but since the molds arrived last Thursday I extended for one more week. So exciting to see the molds I worked […]