Still today 2.3 billion people lack access to improved sanitation.
That means 1 in 3 people have no access to a safe toilet.
The consequences are disease spreading, high mortality rates, and environmental contamination.

The Mosan Solution

Mosan is a smart circular sanitation system, which includes the award-winning aspirational Mosan Urine-Diverting Dry Toilet for in-home use. The comprehensive solution improves health conditions, protects the environment and water sources, turns human excreta into valuable resources while creating business opportunities. All Mosan products have been designed in collaboration with local communities and stakeholders. Mosan provides toilet technology and sanitation services for challenging environments.

What people say

I recommend the Mosan approach because it is a well-designed solution for congested settings in which a piped sewerage network is not a feasible option. Also, Mosan opens the way to a more efficient handling of human excreta separating a high-value fertilizer (urine) from fecal matter which can be reused. Mosan combines humanitarian challenges with a state-of-the-art design, providing real innovation to the sanitation sector.

Marc-André Bünzli Chef du groupe spécialisé Eau et Assainissement at Corps Suisse d'Aide Humanitaire

Finally, we have a mobile sanitation solution that was not developed by a (male) engineer, but a female designer! Adding to that, Mosan can play a crucial role in solving the sanitation crisis. It is much more than just a plastic box style toilet: it is an integrated resource recovery and reuse system that can be adapted to the local context to fit specific conditions.

Michael Kropac Senior Managing Partner at Seecon International GmbH/Cewas

Sanitation in low-income settlements is a huge challenge. Families have no space for a toilet at home and have to use far and dirty shared toilets. This is a big problem for children and people with disabilities. Mosan, with its focus on design and its integrated approach to excreta management and reuse, stands out in the field of container-based sanitation systems.

Philippe Reymond Project Manager at EAWAG/Sandec

Mosan is part of the Swiss Bluetec Bridge program, supported by the Swiss Development Cooperation.

Latest news

An innovative toilet!

If 600 households use Mosan for one year, we can approximately collect 98 tons of feces. The same weight as 14 big elephants 😉 Happy pooping.

Our first service point in SCP

Mosan keeps growing!   Visualizza questo post su Instagram   Another big milestone to sustainable sanitation! Mosan opened its first service point in Santa Catarina Palopó in Guatemala! Families can now visit during service hours and deliver their toilet containers for emptying and cleaning! ? The service point allows us to maintain close relationships with […]

Sanitation building

La construcción para @mosanitation continúa! Esta vez es el sistema de pirólisis para el proyecto piloto en Santa Catarina Palopó. Estamos transformando las heces en carbón vegetal que puede ser utilizado como enmienda del suelo o como combustible. Incluso tiene el potencial de ayudar a mitigar el cambio climático mediante el secuestro de carbono.

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