Making the toilets

Visualizza questo post su Instagram Sneak a peek of the Mosan production. Exciting things are in the making. Our Toilets are produced by vacuum-forming durable PE plastics. Toilets are an important part of our comprehensive sanitation system. They need to be user-friendly, functional, durable, easy to clean, aspirational, and mobile. We believe that a toilet […]

Mosan on Brand Eins Magazine

Visualizza questo post su Instagram Mosan in the December 2017 issue of Brand Eins Magazine. Read the German article online: @brand_eins Photo by @philipfrowein #sauberesache #hygiene #socialinnovation #socialdesign #sanitationdesign Un post condiviso da Mosan (@mosanitation) in data: Feb 15, 2018 at 3:55 PST

Sanitation challenge in Guatemala

Visualizza questo post su Instagram This pathway with broken freshwater pipes next to wastewater pipes gives an idea about some challenges in urban sanitation. Even if drinking water with good quality is available, the quality at household level is not ensured and disease spreading occurs. Improving sanitation conditions has a mayor impact on water quality […]

A lake at risk

Visualizza questo post su Instagram A paradise at risk: more than 350'000 people directly depend on Lake Atitlán – one of the most important fresh water sources in Central America. The extreme contamination with wastewater can be stopped by effective sanitation, community involvement and local innovators like the wonderful Maricela. #sanitation4all #drytoilet #ecosan #sdg6 #sanitation […]

A better future

Visualizza questo post su Instagram Lets build a better future with safe sanitation! Design is not only a tool to create new solutions, it also enables an open mindset and offers an approach to empower people through making. #designthinking #cocreation #sanitation4all Un post condiviso da Mosan (@mosanitation) in data: Feb 10, 2018 at 5:15 PST

Thoughts about Social Design

“Social Design” or “Design with Social Impact” is not a trend and not even a design discipline. It is a movement that is driven by dedicated people who want to “design” a better and healthier world. Designers are tackling more complex problems, so it requires a new attitude and new approaches. It is so much […]

1st Prize of the Social Design Award

Mosan won the 1st Prize of the Social Design Award! We are proud to announce that the Mosan ecological sanitation solution is the winner of the first prize of the Social Design Award 2015 by Hans-Sauer Foundation! Thanks to the Hans-Sauer Foundation  and HUB Munich for all the support. The picture shows the great artwork that […]

Social Design Elevation Days

Mosan at the Social Design Elevation Days in Munich In February I had the amazing opportunity to attend the Social design Elevation days in Munich and further develop the MoSan Sanitation Solution. Thanks so much to Hans Sauer Stiftung and HUB Munich for the amazing experience during the Social Design Elevation Days! Working with passionate people […]

Hans Sauer Award 2015

Hans Sauer Award 2015 MoSan nominated for Social Design Award 2015 European contest honours design concepts for social impact. “Social Design is a design practice that goes beyond a purely technical or consumer-oriented design of products and services. Social Design creates social added value by becoming an advocate of social concerns that either the state […]