Kenya Prototype part 4

  Trial and Error in Dhaka February 2012   Finally i have the time to tell you about the prototyping process in Dhaka. As i menioned in my previous post, the arrival of the molds had a delay of 4 weeks. When we planned my stay in Bangladesh the goal was to have a small […]

World Toilet Organization

Jack Sim is the founder of the World Toilet Organization. In this video he talks about the sanitation crisis… “A big break-thorough will happen when we look at the poor as if they are customers and we will sell them products they are very beautiful and sexy!”

Prototyping in Dhaka

Prototyping in Dhaka started This week the “trial and error” phase of prototyping started. After a long journey (3 weeks) the molds arrived at the workshop. I was supposed to stay just 3 weeks, but since the molds arrived last Thursday I extended for one more week. So exciting to see the molds I worked […]

Prototyping in Dhaka part 2

Since one week I am in Dhaka/ Bangladesh to prepare and organize the further prototyping of about 20 toilet pots. The delivery of the freight, including the molds and one prototype is unfortunately very delayed. The delay gave me enough time to prepare everything. I visited the workshop where the production will take place, went […]

Early prototype

Demolding and Assembling After demolding lid and seat the overlapping jute was cut by a saw and edges were polished. The exciting moment of assembling the first prototype has come. And luckily all parts fit great together. There is some space between all parts which is necessary to balance unevenness of the wall thickness. Im […]

Early prototype 2

Laminating the seat Producing the seat was more complicated. The shape made finding the right cuttings for the jute mats difficult. To cover all curves we had to cut many small parts of jute and apply them piece by piece into the mold. It took more time than planned. The small round pin will be […]

Early prototype 4

Wednesday and Thursday this week the prototyping continued. This time the epoxy resin was colored to make the surface more evenly, but the results are not satisfying. For future prototypes it is nicer to leave the natural look of the jute resin combination. The transparent resin shows the inner jute and gives an impression about […]

Early prototype 6

2nd Day Prototyping   When I arrived at the workshop the laminated pot was unfortunately already removed from the mold (the model maker was so curious he didn’t wait for me). First the bad news: the pot broke. The good news: we laminate another one! And this time I will document the releasing process. On […]

Early prototype 5

Impressions of the production steps for the first toilet component.